DJ Clent sets aside his socks and shoes, exposing his pungent Hyper Feet on Planet Mu

DJ Clent sets aside his socks and shoes, exposing his pungent Hyper Feet on Planet Mu

That’s DJ Clent — short for Clenton Hill, the reported “low end legend” from Chicago, who’s set to continue Planet Mu’s label-bolstering of the footwork genre, which has so far included noteworthy releases from the likes of DJ Diamond, RP Boo, and Traxman. It’s an association that looks to have begun with Hill’s appearance on Mu’s Bangs & Works Vol. 1 compilation in 2010, where the track “I Love You” offered a pitch-shifted variation on… who is that, Stevie Wonder? Nope, it’s actually Eddie Murphy from Dreamgirls (which was pre-Norbit, so we’ll forgive the arguable flattery afforded by sampling). Otherwise, Clent’s releases on Dance Mania around the turn of the century should be highlighted for their precursory skeet appreciation/juke qualities. No need to shield your eyes from those tracks.

And more than 10 years later, Clent’s showcasing his veteran status with an extended anecdote that begins, “Well, back in my day… ,” followed quickly by the release of his Hyper Feet EP on April 7. Sample and pre-order the release here. For sure, the utilized tune on “Clent’s Dog Catcher” should ring a bell, despite its chopped and somehow more trippy form. Apparently the George Clinton original was actually an extremely subtle attempt to bring awareness to canine radiation positioning. Ol’ Spot has a speech impediment now. In the name of music!

Hyper Feet tracklisting:

01. Hyper Feet
02. Baby Yeah 2012
03. Clent’s Dog Catcher
04. Don’t Go Down
05. Don’t Leave Me (Baby)

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