DJ Earl of Teklife partners with Oneohtrix Point Never for new album, causing jaws to hit the floor and start JUKING

DJ Earl of Teklife partners with Oneohtrix Point Never for new album, causing jaws to hit the floor and start JUKING

Have you been secretly wanting to turn your own death into the ULTIMATE art installation by footwork-dancing yourself to DEATH in public, only to find your morbid plans routinely thwarted by a failure to find the perfect album with which to soundtrack this horrific spectacle?

Well, good(?) news, then! Because your search is OVER. As Pitchfork reports, Chicago-based DJ Earl (member of footwork crew Teklife and frequent collaborator of the late DJ Rashad), just gave an interview with Wine and Bowties in which he spilled the footwork-y beans that he has been working on a new album with none other than Daniel Lopatin of Oneothrix Point Never! Whoa, man. Whoa. (Yeah, I’ll go ahead and give you a second to go smash all of your other dance records right now. You’re not going to need a single one of them.)

“We put together the entire album together actually,” Earl told Wines and Bowties, adding that Lopatin “was very hands on.” Which I guess is a much sexier way of saying that Lopatin “contributed mixing, arrangement, and keyboards to the project.” Earl also said that he intends to release the resultant record on the newly re-unveiled Teklife label, and he indicated that Lopatin also wanted Earl to record for his (Lopatin’s) own Software label at some point.

Wait, what? You don’t BELIEVE ME? Well, here’s a corroborating quote: “I met [Daniel] in Vancouver, at the New Forms Festival […] he played this crazy next-level set, and then later on caught my set and reached out, and told me, ‘I want you to come to Software.’” See? There it is. In black and white-ass quotation marks.

Anyway, no info as of yet as to when the album will see the light of day, or even as to what it’ll be titled. But all of that information seems completely ancillary when placed alongside the sheer facts that (a) this collaboration legitimately HAPPENED, and (b) you can now die a happy and exhausted juker. Good luck. <3

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