DJ Manny assumes control of traffic signals, announces Greenlight LP on TEKLIFE

DJ Manny assumes control of traffic signals, announces Greenlight LP on TEKLIFE

The next time somebody boasts to you about their multitasking ability as they spill coffee all over the place trying to juggle cup, cell phone, and a blow-up doll of Jon Hamm; kindly point out the far-greater multitasking prowess of any number of footworkers — but especially DJ Manny, because he’s thoroughly established on the front of excelling at multiple…fronts simultaneously.

He’s reportedly “one of the best dancers on the scene.” And, to complement that distinction, he’s also shown a persistent inclination to get behind both the mic (as an MC) and the mixing board (the late DJ Rashad’s tutelage clearly compelled the Harvey, IL, native to “be his best self” when it comes aiding the recent cultural hallmark that originated in the vicinity). DJ Manny’s been affiliated with the influential TEKLIFE crew at least since I’ve been familiar with the outfit (say, since the 2012 release of TEKLIFE Vol. 1), and now, he and his many hands are at it again. Careful, Manny, some of us are ticklish!

His new LP, Greenlight, is due out October 6, serving as the fifth release for the recently greenlit TEKLIFE Records. Greenlight reportedly has a special quality, due to DJ Manny’s dancing chops (which helped with the production); and likewise, that’s him again delivering a memorable flow on at least one of the tracks. Fellow TEKLIFE-r and prior collaborator, DJ Taye, also assists on no less than half of the tracks, so if you appreciated their earlier shoutout to Zion, for instance, you might be overjoyed subsequent to listening to this release.

Here’s where you can pre-order. And “right down there” is where you can hear the track “Ghost Out.” But please: finish answering your emails and painting your fingernails first. Remember: unless you’re DJ Manny, ONE THING AT TIME.

Greenlight tracklisting:

01. Way You Move (feat. DJ Chap)
02. You Looking Good (feat. Sucia)
03. Like That
04. Zancrash (feat. DJ Taye)
05. Boop Me Down (feat. DJ Lucky)
06. Ghost Out
07. I’ll Hurt Ya Baby (feat. DJ Lucky and DJ Taye)
08. Life In This Bitch (feat. DJ Taye)
09. If U Want It (feat. DJ Taye)
10. Greenlight (Wanna Go) (feat. DJ Taye)

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