Teklife commemorates the legacy of DJ Rashad in new book by Ashes57

Teklife commemorates the legacy of DJ Rashad in new book by Ashes57

I’ve said it many, many times before: books are terrible wastes of time, space, and money when they aren’t massive, 340-page photo books about fucking footwork.

Luckily, this one totally IS.

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the passing of the mighty DJ RASHAD (and ahead of tonight’s memorial party going down in Chicago), TEKLIFE has announced the release of a new road diary that pays fitting tribute to the fallen footwork legend.

Entitled ON TOUR WITH DJ RASHAD and weighing in at a serious 3.1 pounds, the massive volume consists of “more than 800 previously unseen photographs” taken by Ashes57 “of DJ RASHAD and friends from shows and tours” ranging from 2011 to 2014.

This book is about my friendship with DJ Rashad. It doesn’t cover his entire life, nor his whole music career, nor even all of his tours or DJ shows. The photos in this book are from the time that I spent with Rashad from 2011 to 2014, from the shows that he invited me to and the time we spent hanging out in between.


Per the press release, ON TOUR WITH DJ RASHAD is currently up for pre-order in the TEKLIFE store “to help decide on the number of copies for the initial print run and to ensure that everyone who wants a copy can get one.” So don’t be the passive-aggressive asshole you usually are about these sorts of things; juke those fingers of yours on over there PRONTO.

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