DJ Seinfeld to curate the next installment of !K7’s prestigious DJ-Kicks series

DJ Seinfeld to curate the next installment of !K7's prestigious DJ-Kicks series

DJ Seinfeld from Seinfeld (not to be confused with DJ Ross from Friends and DJ Niles from Frasier) is set to take the helm on Berlin label !K7’s 64th installment of their beloved DJ-Kicks mix series. Dedicated to the Swedish DJ’s regrettably ailing father, and combining his own new material (also under the Rimbaudian alias) with a choice selection of bangers by others, the album is set to arrive on July 13.

!K7 kicked off the series in 1995 with a release from C.J. Bolland; since then, the label has invited some of electronic music’s mainstays and up-and-comers alike to compile cohesive-yet-eclectic mixes of what they love most about dance music. In case of DJ Seinfeld — real name Armand Jakobson — the intent was also for the mix to be “reflecting the simultaneous fear of leaving something safe behind as well as the excitement of venturing into unknown territories, musically and emotionally.”

The tracklisting of the mix has been released, and it includes cuts from both established artists (such as Falty DL and Project Pablo), as well as several lesser-known producers. You can listen to one of Jakobson’s new tracks, called “Typeless,” down below. And don’t forget to pre-order the mix here, just for the kicks.

DJ Seinfeld DJ-Kicks tracklisting:

01. DJ Seinfeld - I See U
02. Andras - Poets Day
03. Fantastic Man - False Consciousness
04. Rudolf C - Deep Sea Survivor
05. Rimbaudian - Simple Call
06. Roza Terenzi - Up In Smoke
07. Sleep D - Dawn Over Atlas
08. Hymns - Walrus
09. Rudolf C - Saber
10. FaltyDL - Freak Acid
11. Pepe - Victory Level
12. Project Pablo - Who’s It For
13. DJ Seinfeld - Typeless
14. Mor Elian - Sci Si
15. Chela Una - Take Me
16. Reptant - Freq Accident
17. DJ Seinfeld - Triangle Echos
18. Shedbug - Ambroxitil
19. J.Albert - meXme
20. S.O.N.S - Dune
21. Lou Karsh - Seep

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