Dntel announces new album + bonus tape for Leaving Records, gets slightly more into hip-hop

Dntel announces new album + bonus tape for Leaving Records, gets slightly more into hip-hop

Both Jimmy Tamborello a.k.a. Dntel and Ben Gibbard a.k.a. “Baby Gibbon” have had to live in the long shadow of The Postal Service, an electronic pop project that accompanied too many indie montages to mention in this space. Now that The Postal Service are no more, we can still take some comfort in a new Dntel album, Human Voice, which will drop next month via Leaving Records and Stones Throw.

Unlike previous music from Dntel, which featured vocal collabs from the likes of Gibbard, Jenny Lewis, and Baths, Human Voice uses computerized vocal tones that are “lost somewhere in an ether of circuitry and possessing that plaintive emotion which sounds unmistakably like Dntel.” Not to mention, Leaving are offering a companion cassette called Human Voice Outtakes, which has six b-sides and Tamborello’s entire Boiler Room performance on the flip. Until the new record is released on September 23, we can listen to the wonky techno improvisations of “If I Stay a Minute” over at the Chocolate Grinder and think back to the precious days of “Such Great Heights,” Garden State, that one car commercial, and the War on Terror.

Human Voice tracklist:

01. Human Voice
02. Fringes of Focus
03. If I Stay a Minute
04. Bike Path
05. Foraya
06. Connections
07. Bay Loop
08. Ashby

• Dntel: https://soundcloud.com/dntel
• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com
• Stones Throw: http://www.stonesthrow.com

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