Do Make Say Think return with first studio album in eight years, Stubborn Persistent Illusions, on Constellation

Do Make Say Think return with first studio album in eight years, Stubborn Persistent Illusions, on Constellation
Post, post, post, post, post-rock LIVES.

You may remember Do Make Say Think as the instrumental counterparts of Broken Social Scene. Sadly, both of those bands, with their several crossover members, dropped off the radar around the end of the last decade, with Kevin Drew of BSS citing at the time the band’s individual desires to pursue other projects as the reason. Within the last year or two, allusions to those projects’ resurgences finally began to bubble up from the depths of the internet. In fact, guitarist Justin Small made a DMST revival seem downright imminent when, prior to beginning his song-per-week endeavor, he said that DMST was already at the mixing stage for what would ultimately be the band’s seventh studio album. But musician-time works different than regular-guy-time, because, almost two years later, the “mixing stage” is only now finally all wrapped up on the band’s first new album in eight years.

It’s titled Stubborn Persistent Illusions, and it’s out May 19 on Constellation. If your familiarity with DMST extends to at least an album or two, then you’re already fully aware of their nigh-unrivaled ability to avoid pretension in their unique “post-rock” interpretation. A press release also points out the band’s penchant for crafting emotional narratives in their instrumental music, and supposedly the narrative on Stubborn loosely originates from a Buddhist poem about “working with a wild mind.” Each individual song is said to represent “a thought or a daydream,” with DMST’s collective subconscious providing a recurring leitmotif throughout, which allows for thought recognition.

Try not to think about that too much, though. Instead, head over to Constellation for pre-ordering info and listen to the LP version of “Bound and Boundless” below:

Stubborn Persistent Illusions tracklisting:

01. War On Torpor
02. Horripilation
03. A Murder Of Thoughts
04. Bound
05. And Boundless
06. Her Eyes On The Horizon
07. As Far As The Eye Can See
08. Shlomo’s Son
09. Return, Return Again

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