Do Make Say Think’s Justin Small to record 52 new songs (1 track/week for $1/week for 1 full year); DMST album forthcoming

Do Make Say Think's Justin Small to record 52 new songs (1 track/week for $1/week for 1 full year); DMST album forthcoming

So, it’s been a decent while since the release of the last Do Make Say Think album — 2009’s Other Truths on Constellation — and the lapse of time actually dawned on me just a couple weeks ago, since everything DMST has done has been fantastic and apparently my subconscious wanted to know when I would send my brain some pleasurable post-rock sounds again. Fortunately, member and guitarist Justin Small (also of Lullabye Arkestra) has just given word about a new DMST album currently being mixed, which would put the potential release date at about the time we’re inclined to demonstrate the verbs “punch” and “kick” to our home furniture. We mustn’t let the wait frustrate us too much.

In the meantime, though, Small has simultaneously announced something that will fulfill our needs for years to come — well, actually just a single year. Today, June 1, marks the beginning of a “concept piece,” in which he’ll release a brand new, “fully realized” track, including original artwork, every week for 52 straight weeks. The cost for aspiring listeners is just $1 per week, and subscribers can choose to leave or enter the weekly musical venture at any time.

It’s a super cool idea, and it’s even more impressive since Small is composing these songs as the weeks progress. As he put it: “These are not out takes, b-sides, or demos. They are compositions specifically written for this project within a week.”

Check out the first track from the project below, and prepare to be reminded weekly of your own musical laziness.

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