Domino releases Real Estate vocalist Martin Courtney’s solo LP Many Moons

Domino releases Real Estate vocalist Martin Courtney's solo LP Many Moons

Some of you’ve probably seen photos of your parents decked out in 1970s style, right? Dad’s got a crazy mustache, mom has cool sunglasses, and everything looks like it’s been filtered through the best, most nostalgic Instagram filter. What if you could crawl into the bygone beauty and hazy days of that photo (like, without it being weird that you were hanging out with your parents when you’re probably, like, the same age)? That’s what this new Martin Courtney record is like. AND MORE.

Domino is releasing the Real Estate vocalist/guitarist’s debut solo album Many Moons on October 30. Recorded with the assistance of Woods’ Jarvis Taveniere in his Brooklyn studio during downtime in Real Estate’s busy touring schedule, the album features appearances from Julian Lynch, fellow Real Estate dude Matthew Kallman, and other pals.


01. Awake
02. Foto
03. Vestiges
04. Before We Begin
05. Northern Highway
06. Many Moons
07. Asleep
08. Little Blue
09. Focus
10. Airport Bar

[Photo: Shawn Brackbill]

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