Julian Lynch (newly of Real Estate) reissues second album Mare on cassette

Julian Lynch (newly of Real Estate) reissues second album Mare on cassette
the go-to format for warble-y, psych folk.

People say you “can never go back again.”

But those same people also say that you aren’t “supposed to” eat ice cream sandwiches for breakfast. So…basically: screw that. Julian Lynch, the Wisconsin-bred troubadour who has been releasing a steady stream of intimate, woozy, jazzy, country rock albums since 2009 — and who replaced Matt Mondanile on guitar in the Real Estate just last year — will go about as far back as he damn well pleases, thank you very much.

For now, though, he’s apparently content to stop at 2010, the year he released his second album Mare on the Old English Spelling Bee label; because he’s just announced a new cassette reissue of that equine-centric album on Human Sounds Records. The new old thang, in all its skinny, nostalgic, magnetic-tape glory, is out March 31, but you can pre-order it now.

But just in case you’re Julian Lynch’s second grade teacher or something and happen to be reading this right now: DON’T WORRY, the kid’s still keeping a good eye on his future as well. He’s slated to release his fifth album later this year and will be joining Real Estate on tour in April in support of their album In Mind, which just came out.

Mare tracklisting:

01. Just Enough
02. Mare
03. A Day at the Racetrack
04. Stomper
05. Interlude
06. Still Racing
07. Ears
08. Ruth, My Sister
09. Travelers
10. In New Jersey

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