Doon Kanda (Jesse Kanda) releases Luna EP on Hyperdub

Doon Kanda (Jesse Kanda) releases Luna EP on Hyperdub

Jesse Kanda’s debut musical release as Doon Kanda came out last year in the form of Heart, and looking at the cover art for that release, it’s almost as though Kanda was trying to draw (no pun intended) a hard line between his fantastic and striking work as a visual artist and his hew newfound preoccupation creating sounds that are evidently fit for the Hyperdub label.

The cover is ugly in a way that appears deliberate and not a continuation of Kanda’s otherwise “beautifully ugly” portfolio (it also gives Bjork a run for her money). It’s basically the equivalent of when Michael Jordan decided to try baseball, and instead of waltzing out to home plate wearing his basketball short-shorts and inexplicably handing the catcher a Fisher-Price basketball hoop, severed all obvious ties to his prior sports life (he carried a baseball bat and everything).

The tracks on Heart dabbled with electronic experimentation recalled (on a basic level) the work of longtime collaborator, Arca. Luna likewise conveys a sense of Kanda feeling things out, and it’ll be interesting to see how his musical style evolves should he decide to keep with this creative route. Hyperdub’s on the bandwagon, at least!

You can buy Luna here and now, and be sure to check out Jesse Kanda’s new website, which was launched in conjunction. Feel free to stream the release below as well.

Luna tracklisting:

01. Bloodlet
02. Molting
03. Luna
04. Crinoline
05. Burning
06. Shed
07. Lamina

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