Doon Kanda prepares a Doon Kanda revelation, announces debut LP Labyrinth on Hyperdub

Doon Kanda prepares a Doon Kanda revelation, announces debut LP Labyrinth on Hyperdub
Labyrinth cover art

Forget all those online dating profiles. In order to get real insight into the mind of a total stranger: first, somehow compel them to establish a career as a visual artist. Then, once they’ve built up an ample portfolio, float the allure of an additional practice in an entirely different art form — after that, the whole of all the art that they ultimately produce is bound to tell you how they genuinely feel about the Oxford comma and whether or not the latest season of Game of Thrones had any redeeming qualities.

Well, we now know how Jesse Kanda feels about these things. The London-based visual artist, who has heretofore been frequently associated with Arca, has now fully indulged his musical side. And supposedly he prefers 2% milk!

Labyrinth is Jesse’s debut full-length album under the Doon Kanda moniker, and its release on November 29, courtesy of Hyperdub, is a natural consequence of him testing the musical waters with the Luna EP last year and the Heart EP the year before that. Both of those releases felt like EPs, for better or worse, but the lead single for Labyrinth, at the very least, shows signs of awesome development in the meantime. Like a modern take on a Cocteau Twins instrumental.

The video for “Polycephaly” is pretty cool, too. Watch that below, right after this pre-order link.

Labyrinth tracklisting:

01. Polycephaly
02. Dio
03. Gut
04. Enigma
05. Wing
06. Nastasya
07. Pieridae
08. Mino
09. Search
10. Bunny
11. Garnet
12. Forgive
13. Entrance

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