Dope Body plan European/UK dates because they are in this thing forever

Dope Body plan European/UK dates because they are in this thing forever

Baltimore’s Dope Body are in this thing ‘til they die. There are, primarily, two reasons for this. The first being that they recently released an album by the title of Lifer through Drag City. You don’t use that kind of title if you’re not in this for, well, life. The other reason being that they pledged their souls to Baphomet. As part of a dark bargain, Baphomet promised the band the ability to play in Dope Body for their entire natural lives and are, in fact, bound by that argument, lest they have their immortal souls obliterated. Fun stuff!

If you’re going to do this forever, though, you ought to do that right. Doing it right entails doing shows in the UK and Europe and, accordingly, that’s just what Dope Body are doing. They’ll be heading to Europe in the final days of January, then hopping around the continent through much of February. Through it all, they will be protected by Baphomet’s unholy powers. Thanks, B. Man!

Dope Body dates:

01.30.15 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Loppen
01.31.15 - Aalborg, Denmark - Northern Winter Beat Festival
02.01.15 - Hamburg, Germany - Hafenklang #
02.02.15 - Berlin, German - Kantine am Berghain #
02.03.15 - Prague, Czech Republic - Klub 007
02.04.15 - Nurnberg, Germany - K4
02.05.15 - Vienna, Austria - Fluc
02.06.15 - Meunchen, Germany - Kafe Kult
02.07.15 - Esslingen, Germany - Komma Winterfest
02.11.15 - Lyon, France - Grrrnd Zero
02.12.15 - Paris, France - L’Espace B
02.13.15 - Notthingham, UK - Stuck on a Name
02.14.15 - Cardiff, UK - From Now On Festival
02.15.15 - Manchester, UK - Gullivers
02.16.15 - Leeds, UK - Brudenell Social Club
02.17.15 - London, UK - Montague Arms
02.18.15 - Nijmegen, Netherlands - Merleyn
02.19.15 - Brussels, Belgium - VK
02.20.15 - Groningen, Netherlands - Vera
02.21.15 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Worm

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