D/P/I readies new album MN.ROY on Leaving; did he stutter!?!?

D/P/I readies new album MN.ROY on Leaving; did he stutter!?!?

Holy hell. I have absolutely zero medical expertise, and yet despite my prior insistence on wasabi as an efficient and underrated nipple-calmer, I feel compelled to make the following claim: Alex Gray’s recent output as D/P/I simply needs to be used as a non-pill alternative for the alleviation of OCD. The split-second stops and starts on his Jeanette mixtape, for instance, are so overwhelming and enjoyable, that I can’t imagine anyone would be inclined to flip light switches or repeatedly commit vehicular manslaughter (a rare form) for a significant time after a listen. Electronic improv. Pauses and rap samples. Stops and starts. It’s just too bad Gray’s doing the same thing behaviorally concerning his next release!

Start. D/P/I is releasing MN.ROY on October 9 via Leaving Records, the label of his previous 08.DD.15 (a TMT First Quarter Favorite) and Rico EP. Stop. What the hell else can be said about it?! The tracklisting’s below and the pre-order is up, but aside from that, we’re afforded precious few details concerning the production of the album itself. We’re dying to know whether we’ll hear a wild Stallones pushing his friend to succeed through barely audible cheerleading, for instance, but I suppose the track that we posted back in August will have to satisfy for the time being. Oh, and here’s another one:

It’s an imposed anticipation. The song’s progressing. The album’s coming!

MN.ROY tracklisting:

01. 001
02. 02 - B.I.D.
03. _3 A PRAY ER
04. 004
05. 05 - C.M.S. (Sunshine)
06. 006 . Wh en
07. _ DMM
08. 008
09. 09 - L.M. (Switch)
10. Opportunity (100)
11. 0011 . Ann__
12. 012
13. & Work;
14. 0014 _ 014
15. 15 - T.T.G.
16. !6, th

• D/P/I: http://djpurpleimage.bandcamp.com
• Leaving: http://leavingrecords.com

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