Dustin Wong to teach us Fluid World Building 101 With Shaman Bambu via new album on Hausu Mountain

Dustin Wong to teach us Fluid World Building 101 With Shaman Bambu via new album on Hausu Mountain
C'mon, high-five!

Dustin Wong has grown so FUCKIN’ bored with his usual methodology that he’s decided to SWITCH THINGS UP for the brand new album he just announced1. Yup: he’s throwin’ down some TOTALLY DIFFERENT SYNTHS AND ELECTRONICS, and he’s on a TOTALLY DIFFERENT LABEL, BABY (!!!).

Wait, did I just say new album? Yes! Yes, I did! Wong’s new album is called Fluid World Building 101 With Shaman Bambu, and it’s out both on cassette and digitally via the aforementioned totally different label, Hausu Mountain, on September 14.

The album is Wong’s first solo full-length since 2013’s A Mediation of Ecstatic Energy. (He has, however, put out some collaborative work in the intervening years.) The album complements Wong’s usual guitar with sampling keyboards, and improvised electronic flourishes, according to a press release. “It’s a much less-regimented / grid-oriented affair than his previous solo albums,” sayeth the HausMo folks, “with a lot more improvisation, studio-vibes, and non-guitar instruments.”

Wong has shared a track from the album, “Shaman Bambu’s Portfolio,” which you can listen to below, but if you’d prefer to hear tiny pieces of all the tracks, he’s got you covered too — you can check out a sweet little album trailer below as well, and look at the cover art and full tracklisting while you’re at it.

Fluid World Building 101 With Shaman Bambu tracklisting:

01. Nite Drive with Shaman Bambu
02. World Builder Imagines a City
03. Dawn Thru the Marble Pantheon
04. はずかしがらないで (Don’t Be Ashamed)
05. Village Made of Zephy
06. Shaman Bambu’s Portfolio
07. Cup of Seashells At Neural Tower
08. Desert Via Hovercamel
09. New Societies Interacting, Let’s Zoom In

1. At least I assume this was how things went down.

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