Eaves to release debut full-length Verloren on PTP label

Eaves to release debut full-length Verloren on PTP label
Photo: Henry Stambler

Man, remember when you were little, and you thought that the real world was a confusing place? Until at some point, someone clued you into this labyrinthine digital thing called “the internet,” and your mind was totally BLOWN to SMITHEREENS?

Well, the bad news is that the universe is only getting messier and messier. But the good news? Brooklyn-based producer known as Eaves is at least out here doing you the favor of gathering up all those increasingly messy smithereens and — starting with last year’s GORILLA EP — somehow synthesizing them into some listenable musics.

And now, in order to keep pace with the exponentially-increasing craziness, he’s announced that he’ll be releasing his debut full-length, Verloren (a German word meaning “lost”) on the PTP (fka Purple Tape Pedigree) label on December 2.

Not a lot of additional info to be had as of yet, but your paranoid-ass can rest assured that the new album’s 16 tracks of swollen strings, spooky synths, and ominous beats continue Eaves’s excitingly horrific conflation of man and machine, as well the relationship “between sound and physical structure,” this time drifting through “fictional representations of our world in the future, finding that our present day seems to mimic them.” Peep the complete tracklisting down below, and get ready for whole new levels of existential ennui and detatchment.

Verloren tracklisting:

01. New Babylon
02. Vascular
03. Exegesis
04. Moor
05. Dragliner
06. Burial Moth
07. Mare
08. Agafia
09. Wound
10. Crop Ruin
11. Linthen Heap
12. Sin
13. Seas 2
14. Roraima
15. Manual Children
16. Edgelands

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