Edvard Graham Lewis (of Wire and Dome) announces two new albums All Over and All Under, confirms the existence of a creator deity

Edvard Graham Lewis (of Wire and Dome) announces two new albums All Over and All Under, confirms the existence of a creator deity

You ever notice a pattern in the universe that you never quite saw before? Every time it happens to me it gets just a little bit harder for me to deny that there’s some kind of great creator God just outside the edge of my perception massaging his or her invisible hand up and down the back of reality. I had one of these just a bit earlier when I rolled out of bed and booted up my computing device to check the Tiny Mix Tapes news queue. In it, I saw a press release for two new albums by Edvard Graham Lewis (known for his work in Wire, Dome, and his solo project He Said) on Editions Mego (his first solo releases in over 10 years). In order to give you a second to prepare to have your mind blown, I’ll wait to reveal what I realized in the next paragraph.

Most Edwards/Edvards in this world go by three names! Crazy right? Think about it, Edvard Graham Lewis, Edward James Olmos (he of Battlestar Galactica and craggy face fame), and even the famous newsman Edward R. Murrow. The facts have always been there, we just had to notice them! The universe truly is a beautiful and ordered place indeed, one that must surely have been guided by some power higher than our own! It is undeniable with discoveries like the one you’ve seen here being made every day! Okay, I’ll step down from my soapbox now. How about we talk about the new albums from Edvard Graham Lewis that I mentioned?

The first is entitled All Over and it’s a collection of poppier material recorded by Lewis between 2003 and 2013. Though the songs themselves are a bit more traditional, the production is structured in a way that sounds disjointedly dream-pop. Check out “We’ve Lost Your Mind,” from the album below. As a partner to the album, Lewis has also prepared All Under, a collection of soundtracks that finds Lewis a bit more disconnected from anything that could be called “pop.” In fact, the title track is presented twice in different forms. The first is the improvised accompaniment to Gunilla Leander’s 2003 film of the same name, and the second comes from a gallery exhibition inspired by the film. Hear the film score version here. Both releases are mastered by Russell Haswell and out June 24 (pre-order them here).

All Over tracklisting:

01. Approaching Wheels
02. Straight into the Corner
03. Bluebird
04. The Start of Next Week
05. Quick Skin
06. Began
07. We’ve Lost Your Mind
08. It’s Hard
09. Prism Buzzard
10. Twins Got Got
11. Where’s the Affen?
12. Passport to International Travel

All Under tracklisting:

01. All Under (Film Score)
02. All Under (Installation Loop)
03. The Eel Wheeled
04. No Show Godot

• Edvard Graham Lewis: http://www.pinkflag.com/graham-lewis.php
• Editions Mego: http://editionsmego.com

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