Egyptrixx leaves hieroglyphs to announce new label and new album

Egyptrixx leaves hieroglyphs to announce new label and new album

Not to deny the friendly and welcoming environment that Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990 have created via their Night Slugs label, but there comes a time, in every person’s life, when he or she has to figuratively bite off their umbilical cord and wear it around their neck as a triumphant sign of one’s passage into adulthood and one’s embrace of independence.

The Toronto-based Egyptrixx a.k.a. David Psutka certainly crafted his musical persona through Night Slugs, but after releasing his worthwhile debut and sophomore LPs via the label, as well as delivering some astounding chunage via the memorable “Liberation Front,” he’s apparently felt both the need and the ability to branch away from his label godparent. Egyptrixx’s next album will be Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power], and it’s set for release in early 2015 via his just-announced label, Halocline Trance. The connotations are so intense!

Reportedly, Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power] is somewhat of an extension of his previous LP, which would explain the reappearance of Berlin-based visual artist A N F (Andreas Nicolas Fischer). Let’s recall, since there’s no other info to share:

• Egyptrixx:

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