ENTRANCE confirms new album Book of Changes on Thrill Jockey

ENTRANCE confirms new album Book of Changes on Thrill Jockey

As our brave writer EMCEEGREG reported from the frontline of a psychic massage parlour back in June, Los Angeles-based psych-folk troubadour ENTRANCE has signed to Thrill Jockey, and now we can present the logical conclusion to this mini-psychic saga: ENTRANCE is releasing an album on Thrill Jockey next year on February 24.

The album is called Book of Changes, on account of the fact that the album’s thematic undertow tracks ENTRANCE’s creative rebirth into the re-fully formed artist he now is (again). The record was recorded in collaboration with David Vandervelde, who has rode side-car with the likes of Father John Misty, Tim Kinsella, and Jay Bennett before getting on board with ENTRANCE.

In case you want to pre-emptively add this record into your “six degrees of separation chart,” you should also note that the backing band includes past and present members of Pixies, Silver Jews, Pedro the Lion, and The Weepies, and was mixed by Chris Coady who has touched pretty much all your favorite indie albums from the last decade.

Featuring a whole host of instruments to take this past the usual strummed acoustic guitar or droney soundscapes that you might associate with ENTRANCE, the record is promised to feature xylophones, strings, pianos, and “dreamy female vocals,” and it’s already drawing comparisons to the best Townes van Zandt and Arthur Lee and Love moments your mind can muster.

Book of Changes tracklist:

01. Warm and Wild
02. Always the Right Time
03. I’d Be A Fool
04. Summer’s Child
05. The Avenue
06. Molly
07. Winterlude
08. Winterlady
09. Leaving California
10. Revolution Eyes

Tour Dates

11.10.16 - Balades Sonores, Paris, FR
11.12.16 - Le Guess Who?, Utrecht, NL
11.15.16 - AB in Brussels, BE w/ Scott Fagan
11.30.16 - The Waiting Room in London, UK

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