Entrance signs to Thrill Jockey, releasing Promises EP

Entrance signs to Thrill Jockey, releasing Promises EP

The weirdest thing happened today. After I entered TMT HQ this morning, I was assigned to write an article about Entrance signing to Thrill Jockey. Oh, hello, is that divine serendipity knocking at my door? Actually, I’m now at TMT’s Divine Serendipity spa to finish this news story while getting a massage. Anyway, Entrance is folky musician Guy Blakeslee, who has been praised by the likes of Cat Power, Devendra Banhart, and Spike Jonze, the latter of whom featured Entrance’s cover of Skip James’s “I’m So Glad” in the film Her. Speaking of “her,” this masseuse is a female, and she’s on her phone right now.

Entrances’s Thrill Jockey EP debut will be titled Promises, and it’s due in September, followed by a full-length release in 2017. Here’s a video of Entrance performing “Promises.”

Now, if this ironic day continues properly, it should end with a happy ending (if you catch my drift). Oops! Never mind. My adult encopresis caused me to slide off the table, and I ran out of Divine Serendipity — naked and debt free.

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