Eric Copeland unlocks his safe, announces new Black Bubblegum LP on DFA

Eric Copeland unlocks his safe, announces new Black Bubblegum LP on DFA
Photo: Barbara Soto

Eric Copeland is releasing music that he initially never intended for an audience. A press release remarks on how this afforded the Black Dice member a “unique freedom” when it came to composition, and going even further, we as listeners might collectively be assuming the role of the obsessively voyeuristic hotel manager profiled in a recent piece for The New Yorker. Only in this case, we obviously don’t have to go to disturbing lengths equivalent to constructing a soundproof attic with strategically placed vents; Copeland is being generously complicit in allowing us to see a different, previously hidden side of his lo-fi abstraction.

Going off the track “On” below, we can assume the rest of Copeland’s upcoming Black Bubblegum album to be equally enthralling. It’s out July 8 on the familiar DFA Records, and when asked to provide a word soup on what influenced this new album and sound, Copeland offered the following:

glam holes, glitter dreams, money troubles, apocalypse paranoia, one hit wonders, manifest destiny, my family’s westward migration, body troubles (was passing kidney stones almost the entire time), LGBT disco parties, Jonathan Richman, Missing Foundation, Neil Diamond, New Orleans, poverty, getting pushed out of another Brooklyn neighbourhood… No Beach Boys, no Beatles, no Buddha… More Bad News Bears

Here’s a taste of what’s in the crock pot:

Black Bubblegum tracklisting:

01. Kids In a Coma
02. Rip It
03. Fuck It Up
04. Honorable Mention
05. Blue Honey
06. On
07. Cannibal World
08. Don’t Beat Yourself Baby
09. Radio Weapons
10. Get My Own

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