Fennesz and OZmotic pull a 12 Monkeys on us, time travel to release a Chris Marker-inspired collaborative album

Fennesz and OZmotic pull a 12 Monkeys on us, time travel to release a Chris Marker-inspired collaborative album

Last year Christian Fennesz, the Austrian maestro behind Endless Summer, finally released a new solo album; the Eureka!-ed Bécs. Yet, that was just one of his three 2014 releases, comprising a superstar collaboration with David Sylvian and a bunch of Mahler remixes. Thing is, despite being a certified one-man-experimental-music-production-plant, Fennesz loves to work with other artists. Back in 2013 he did just that, teaming up with Stanislao Lesnoj and SmZ, the Turin duo known as OZmotic, to record a mixture of field recordings, improvised music, and electronic textures they are now set to release under the AirEffect title.

The album was inspired by Chris Marker’s sci-fi short film La Jetée — famously remade (and fleshed-out) by Terry Gilliam in 12 Monkeys — and conceives the project as the sounds one would find in a black box lost in the Anthropocene era, i.e., an artifact of our civilization left for post-human Earth-dwellers to discover. In more concrete terms, you can expect to hear sound clips gathered from around Turin combined with Fennesz trademark guitar/electronics, later fractalized and enriched with OZmotic’s avant jazz instrumentation; sax and drums are as likely to show up as snippets from the Italian radio waves. The feel this music transmits is indeed timeless, the horns and nature samples evoking a post-historic wilderness as much as the eerie electronic soundscapes set up a decidedly sci-fi flavor. You can stream an excerpt below.

Air Effect will be out in June via Folk Wisdom.

AirEffect tracklisting:

01. Ferment_action
02. Hydro(p)s
03. Run To Ruin
04. Anthropocene
05. LiquidMrkt
06. Clone

• Christian Fennesz: http://www.fennesz.com
• OZmotic: http://www.ozmotic.it
• Folk Wisdom: http://www.interbangrecords.com/folkwisdom

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