Fennesz to re-release Mahler Remix on Touch

Fennesz to re-release Mahler Remix on Touch
Artwork: Jon Wozencroft

Come, rest your head on my shoulder. Close your eyes. Let me put on a record.

Does it not sound so stunning? Do you not feel as though you’re just drifting, riding the sound to a place where you’ll at once rediscover your innocence and look upon the world with peaceful, world-weary eyes? Oh good, I’m so happy for you.

What’s this playing, you ask? Oh, it’s Viennese guitarist and ambient artist Fennesz remixing a symphony by the late, great Gustav Mahler. Yes, oh yes, they are both Austrian men — both fellow countrymen, to put it another way. That’s the beautiful thing about it. It’s as though we are walking a bridge between the past and the present. You’ve heard this before? Yes, yes, that’s quite possible. Fennesz did self-release the remixes digitally in 2014. Though, I have to say, there’s something about hearing it as an LP that is, well, warmer, more immersive, don’t you agree? Oh yes, I can tell by the way your eyelids are fluttering. Don’t say a thing. I’m glad, I’m very glad.

No, unfortunately you can’t buy this 2LP edition. Not yet, at least. Truthfully, it hasn’t been released. I simply received a promo. How? Well, by the very nature of my role as a news writer for Tiny Mix Tapes, I am bestowed with promos periodically. It’s because I am privileged and gifted, in such a way. You’ll just have to wait until January 22. It’s a shame, but I’m here to support you with my promo. At least you might pre-order it via releasing label, Touch. In the meantime, you can come by and listen whenever you’d like.

Here, let’s watch this 2014 video of Fennesz performing his Mahler remixes at Carnegie Hall with visual artist Lillevan to pass the time. We walk that bridge between past and present yet again. I’m having a wonderful evening with you.

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