The Field returns with new album album Infinite Moment (and you’ll never GUESS what the cover art looks like)

The Field returns with new album album Infinite Moment (and you'll never GUESS what the cover art looks like)
Photo: Sonia Alvarez

Jeez, I don’t know about y’all, but I can BARELY remember two years ago. I mean, let’s see: the Chicago Cubs were still lovable losers, Obama was still the US president, Bitcoin was still hip…kinda seems like a UNIVERSE or two away from where we are today.

As it happens, two very long, long years ago was also the last time we heard so much as an ambient-techno peep from Axel “The Field” Willner. But now, the time has come! The world NEEDS new music from The Field! And Willner has heeded the call. His sixth album for the Kompakt label, Infinite Moment, shall soon be released — on the somewhat more definite moment of September 21, in fact — as a 2xLP, CD, and digital download.

And he’s not even phoning this one in, either! Reportedly, the album finds Willner “striding further across the deeper, richer rims of the hue cycle.” Or, in his own words: “The threshold of creating something new had to be broken,” and the results of all that expectation-smashery are a record “filled with hope and draped in a diffuse, appeasing light; easing the pain and troubles of the human soul through a lushly forested recital of shoegazing modular, complex textural interplays and solar, atmospheric fractals.”

C’mon, you totally want you some of that action, don’t you? Head here to pre-order Infinite Moment right this finite moment! And while you’re waiting, re-live that mysterious realm known as “two years ago” down below.

Infinite Moment tracklisting:

01. Made of Steel, Made of Stone
02. Divide Now
03. Hear Your Voice
04. Something Left, Something Right, Something Wrong
05. Who Goes There
06. Infinite Moment

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