Fire-Toolz announces new album Field Whispers (Into The Crystal Palace) on Orange Milk Records, shreds in new music video

Fire-Toolz announces new album Field Whispers (Into The Crystal Palace) on Orange Milk Records, shreds in new music video

Hey, speaking of containing multitudes…one, I should stop using that quotation, and two, Angel Marcloid — a.k.a. Fire-Toolz — is an excellent example of someone who embraces her multitudes as a defining characteristic in and of itself. She’s a transfeminine artist with a dynamic style both in and out of a musical context; and even though she’s seemingly found a more accepting home in the catch-all genre of “experimental,” her initial interest in industrial and post-hardcore music occasionally shines through, both in the tracks that she currently produces and in the stuff that comes about courtesy of numerous other projects (including her Swamp Circle imprint). She acutely remarked in an interview with Bandcamp about how “it’s the total opposite of nonsensical” to mash up the various music that she likes. Sticking to a singular form would run contrary to her core! And that shit hurts!!

Next up as an expression Marcloid’s authenticity: Field Whispers (Into The Crystal Palace), out August 30, and which’ll be the first Fire-Toolz album on Orange Milk Records. The release follows Skinless X-1, Fire-Toolz’s kaleidoscopic endeavor from last year (and one of our favs). And according to Hausu Mountain purveyor, Maxwell Allison (a.k.a. Mukqs), this new one maintains a sense of “multi-aesthetic overload,” showcasing Marcloid’s increasing desire to marinate in the heterogeneous synth pool.

Check some upcoming shows and the video for the track “✓ BEiNG” below, and pre-order the album here.

Field Whispers (Into The Crystal Palace) tracklisting:

01. mailto:spasm@swamp.god_subject=Mind-Body Parallels
02. Clear Light
03. She Was Me, My Name Was Surrounded
04. The Warm-Body (A Blessing & Removal)
05. April Snowstorm (Idyllic Mnemonic)
06. Hologram Of A Composite (World Of Objects)
07. ✓ BEiNG
08. Fluids Come Together & The ‘I Am’ Appears
09. The Pain-Body (Wild Energy Spheres)
10. Eyewitness Meadow Flyover
11. Smiling At Sunbears Grooming In Sunbeams


06.26.19 - Chicago, IL - The Hideout Inn (Fire-Toolz x Mukqs collab)
07.10.19 - Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle
08.31.19 - Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere (100% ElectroniCON)

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