Footwork crew The Era try their hand at multitasking, mix “words” with footwork on debut EP So.lo (z)

Footwork crew The Era try their hand at multitasking, mix "words" with footwork on debut EP So.lo (z)

Alright fess-up: who was the first to suggest incorporating original verses into footwork music?! Previous songs of the genre have mostly consisted of hypnotic rhythms centering around a well-manipulated sample or four; but now, upstart Chicago-based footwork crew The Era is turning that formula like, at least .5% of the way on its head by throwing in all kinds of extra sentiments meant to “enhance” the inherent coolness of those underlying beats!

It’s one thing to have a Macy Gray line from the movie Training Day screwed and repeated in a way that allows it to essentially act as an extra instrument. It’s another to have five guys spitting lyrical heterogeneity across the span of a five-minute track instead of just pulling another quick and easy line from that movie, where Denzel is all: “GODZILLA… ain’t got SHIT… on the emergency response team in Tokyo” (I think that’s how that line goes…).

But oh well. The Era is giving their Utopian vision of “lyrical-footwork-unity” a shot anyway. And after releasing the mixtape In The Wurkz and performing at various festivals, they’ve announced their debut EP, entitled So·lo (z), will be out on June 9. Supposedly, the concept of the EP is derived from actual footworkers (possibly themselves) who have “solo’d” at the end of local Chicago dance competitions. The production on the tracks variably originate from RP Boo, DJ Rashad, DJ Spin, DJ Earl, and Slick Shoota.

Check out the EP’s trailer down below. And, ya know, try to keep an open mind.

So·lo (z) EP tracklisting:

01. Round 1: Manny’s Home (Chief Manny Prod. RP Boo)
02. Round 2: I’m Blow’d Stee-mix (Steelo Prod. DJ Rashad)
03. Round 3: Bulby Wurk Hard (Litebulb Prod. DJ Spinn)
04. Round 4: Getting Cream (P-top Prod. DJ Earl)
05. Round 5: Get U Some Remix (The Era Prod. Slick Shoota)

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