Footwork legend RP Boo announces new album I’ll Tell You What! on Planet Mu

Footwork legend RP Boo announces new album I'll Tell You What! on Planet Mu

It’s kind of crazy to think about RP Boo’s legendary status, despite the dearth of formal releases bearing his name. First there was RP Boo’s appearances on the renowned Bang & Works compilations. And then he had a couple of records to himself courtesy of 2013’s Legacy and 2015’s Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints. But both of the latter releases consisted at least partially of tracks that RP Boo had recorded years prior, so wouldn’t it be nice if we got a new full-length consisting of new tracks that were recorded with complete consciousness of an influential reputation??

Well, I’ll tell you what, readers! Ask and you shall receive.

Turns out that RP Boo’s forthcoming collection, I’ll Tell You What! does consist of all new tracks — and it also sounds like a testament to RP Boo’s enduring talent and general preference for appealing to people of all ages (have a pacifier, kids). He references his global musical outreach on the track “Flight 1235,” raps on the track “Bounty,” and “U-Don’t No” is piano-ful and additional evidence pointing toward a confident and battle-ready persona. More than anything though, the album seems to be trademark RP Boo and his organic-sounding footwork style.

I’ll Tell You What! comes out July 6 on Planet Mu. In the meantime, check out the album’s first taste, an edit of the track “Back From The Future,” streaming down below, and keep your quickest and shiniest browser tab fixed on Planet Mu for ordering info.

I’ll Tell You What! tracklisting:

01. No Body
02. Back From The Future
03. At War
04. Cloudy Back Yard
05. U-Don’t No
06. Earth’s Battle Dance
07. Work The Flow!
08. Bounty
09. Flight 1235 (ft. Phil & Crossfire)
10. U Belong 2 Me
11. Wicked’Bu
12. Deep Sole

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