Footworker Litebulb receives $15k grant from Chicago Dancemakers Forum

Footworker Litebulb receives $15k grant from Chicago Dancemakers Forum

If you were Googling “footwork” and somehow ended up at the article… wait… wait! I’ll get your interest still. You like the city of Chicago? Alright, got ya there. You like dancing? Who the fuck doesn’t! Well, what if I told you that Chicago footwork dancer/TEKLIFE member Litebulb (Jamal Oliver) was awarded a $15,000 grant from the dance organization Chicago Dancemakers Forum? This grant allows Litebulb, who has danced on stage with DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn since 2011 (see, those big names got your attention), to bring footwork and his crew, The Era, to broader audiences.

I have you hooked now, and you’ll do whatever I say. Now check out Litebulb’s submission to Chicago Dancemakers below, which includes footage from an upcoming feature-length documentary from Chicago director Wills Glasspiegel. Scenes include Litebulb touring in Japan with DJ Spinn and Kode9.

Also check out Litebulb’s interview with The FADER to learn more about Litebulb, the grant, and his upcoming cameo in an Al Pacino movie. Hoo-ah! See how you forgot about your search for “footwork,” which, by the way, you’re looking for “footjob.” Honest mistake, but you’re a better person for finding this article.

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