Foxygen announce new album Seeing Other People, share video for “Livin’ A Lie”

Foxygen announce new album Seeing Other People, share video for "Livin' A Lie"
Photo: Nicky Giraffe

Sad news for fans of Foxygen who are also fans of perseverance in general: according to a note from frontman Sam France the band are quitting, well…everything BUT making music!

And to mark the occasion, Foxygen has announced the release of their latest album Seeing Other People, which they describe as “some kind of Yuppie-pop masterpiece” will be released on April 29 by their long time label Jagjaguwar.

Confused? We sure hope so. Here’s France in his own words.

For me Seeing Other People just means goodbye: Goodbye to the drugs, to the partying. Goodbye to my twenties now, Goodbye to my Saint Laurent-model-body. Goodbye to the touring circus - that’s right, no more shows or tours for a while. Goodbye, hopefully, to the anxiety attacks. Goodbye to beating myself up because I didn’t fit into those leather pants anymore. Fuck it. Goodbye to the facilities. And goodbye the leeches in my life. I know a lot of gritty stories about a lot of players in this business but you’ll have to read between the lines.

In more reassuring and tangible proof of the band’s ongoing existence, we are told that Seeing Other People was engineered by Shaun Everett (Alabama Shakes, Kurt Vile, Perfume Genius, etc.) and features the legendary session drummer Jim Keltner (whose played with guys like George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Ry Cooder, and a couple of other guys you might have heard of).

To prove this isn’t all a dream, you can feast your eyes and ears on the video clip for lead single “Livin’ A Lie” down below and pre-order the album right here. No need to pinch yourself or anything.

Seeing Other People tracklisting:

01. Work
02. Mona
03. Seeing Other People
04. Face The Facts
05. Livin’ A Lie
06. The Thing Is
07. News
08. Flag At Half-Mast
09. The Conclusion

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