Foxygen sign to Jagjaguwar and they’re releasing an EP this summer; badgers and weasels are jealous

Foxygen sign to Jagjaguwar and they're releasing an EP this summer; badgers and weasels are jealous

I can’t think of any bands or movies or books named for raccoons or porcupines or skunks. But foxes? Those devils have always been hip. Fleet Foxes, The Fox and the Hound, Fox in Socks, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and now Foxygen, the latest addition to Jagjaguwar’s roster. Foxygen consists of Sam France, who handles vocals, and Jonathan Rado, who plays guitar and keyboards, and together, these young guns bring us an off-the-wall sort of rock ‘n’ roll that’s a little Velvet Underground and a little Dr. Dog.

This summer, Foxygen will release their debut EP, Take the Kids Off Broadway, which The A.V. Club described as “simultaneously catchy and obscure, carefully composed and freewheeling, confusing and thrilling, like pop music with a free-jazz sensibility.” They’ve premiered the single, “Make It Known,” and the whole album is streaming on Foxygen’s Bandcamp page. Take the Kids Off Broadway will be out July 24 on vinyl and in digital formats. Meanwhile, I’ll be trying to make otters the next cool woodland critter. Space Otters? Otter Dream? Cool band names, ya???

Take the Kids Off Broadway tracklist:

01. Abandon My Toys
02. Make It Known
03. Take The Kids Off Broadway
04. Waitin’ 4 U
05. Teenage Alien Blues
06.Why Did I Get Married?
07. Middle School Dance (Song for Richard Swift)

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