Here’s your damn Frank Ocean content, you vultures

Here's your damn Frank Ocean content, you vultures
Photo: Willy Vanderperre (courtesy of Dazed)

Look, TMT knows how much people love Frank Ocean. Remember that several year period where we all scrounged around for every little morsel of a hint about what ended up becoming Endless and Blonde?

Lately though, there hasn’t been much in the way of speculation about Frank’s next album, no deluge of blog posts about slight changes in the source code of his website that hint at an impending surprise. TMT understands that people want to read about that sort of stuff, to work themselves into a frenzy of conjecture. Still, that does not give you the right to hurl bricks through our window, let alone a series of bricks that respectively have “FRANK,” “OCEAN,” and “???” written on them in Glitter Glue. That’s a crime. It’s like, the second there’s no Frank Ocean news to theorize on, everyone forgets the tenets this country was founded on.

You all definitely don’t deserve this, but if it will allow us to enjoy our morning tea in peace, here you go: Frank Ocean has announced a brand new vinyl…

…of his 2012 album Channel Orange!

…Sort of!

In a wide-ranging interview with Dazed, Frank Ocean answered various questions on life, the creative process, dinosaurs, and more from the likes of Arca, John Waters, JPEGMAFIA, and also more. One question in particular however, came courtesy of Nile Rodgers and simply asked, “When is Channel Orange coming out on vinyl?” To which Frank Ocean replied, “ASAP.”

Now, what does “ASAP” actually mean? As Soon As Possible? At Susan’s Anniversary Party? August Sixth After Porridge? The answer is anyone’s guess. Speculate away.

In the meantime, revisit everything everyone on the internet has ever had to say about Channel Orange (including us), which is soon to be printed on beige construction paper for the very first time.

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