Frank Ocean premieres brand new Arca remix of a song none of us have ever heard before

Frank Ocean premieres brand new Arca remix of a song none of us have ever heard before

Their names drift through the collective conscience 23/7, the odd hour out for trying to stop Netflix in time before it automatically skips the Bojack Horseman closing credits song.

At least half of that hour, however, may get reclaimed. For today in Frank Ocean AND Arca news: the new Frank Ocean is the new Arca is the new Frank Ocean (featuring Skepta)!

On latest edition of his “blonded RADIO,” Frank went a bit universe brain. Rather than straight up premiering a new song that features Skepta and is called “Little Demon,” Ocean opted to unveil the Arca-produced remix of his new Skepta-featuring song “Little Demon” instead. Because what better way to drum up hype for a new song than proving it exists in the first place by releasing its remix??

Study question: Is a remix really a remix if none of us have actually heard the song that is being remixed? Have your one-page double-spaced answer typed up and on my desk by tomorrow morning.

This comes extra-hot on the heels of “In My Room”, the new Frank Ocean track that we’ve already taken to calling the old new Frank Ocean track, even though it was only released a few days ago. So it goes.

Arca’s remix of Frank Ocean’s “Little Demon” feat. Skepta cannot be streamed anywhere by anyone (probably including Frank Ocean) as of writing, but you can pre-order a 7-inch of it from Ocean’s blonded website here. There’s also a silk scarf for sale that may or may not be worth your $80 investment. Your call.

Re-listen to the latest episode of “blonded RADIO” down below!!

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