GABI unveils debut album Sympathy, featuring production from Daniel Lopatin

GABI unveils debut album Sympathy, featuring production from Daniel Lopatin

Yo, yo, yo; how’s it hangin’ everybody? You feeling good? Sleeping alright? Good, good. Okay, enough chit-chat. So yo, dig this shit: even though we totally told the whole world all about New York composer and vocalist Gabrielle “GABI” Herbst like LAST FUCKING YEAR, everyone was seemingly too busy talking about celebrities or terrorism or iPhone 6 or something… because it’s taken the rest of the world a hella long time to finally get the net.

But now that everyone’s safely on the same page and TMT has gotten the credit it deserves for defining the tastes of the entire international independent music community, Software Recording Co. finally feels comfortable enough (after checking with us first) to announce the release of her debut album, Sympathy, on April 7 and show off her latest video for the track “Fleece.”

After we suggested it, Herbst hired Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never mastermind and likely guest artist on Kanye’s forthcoming album) and Paul Corley (other guy who produced R Plus Seven) to produce it, and she also hired “long-time collaborators” Matthew O’Koren (percussion), Rick Quantz (viola), Josh Henderson (violin), and Aaron Roche (electric guitar/trombone) to provide all the non-vocal parts that no album reviewers will be talking very much about.

Hey! Speaking of albums! You can pre-order that album I was talking about right over here if that’s the kind of thing you’re into doing. And you can also watch that video for “Fleece” I just mentioned down below. What a weird series of happy HTML-related coincidences!

Sympathy tracklisting:

01. Koo Koo
02. Da Void
03. Love Song
04. Mud
05. Falling
06. Where
07. Fleece
08. Home
09. Hymn

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