Galcher Lustwerk returns with third album 200% GALCHER

Galcher Lustwerk returns with third album 200% GALCHER

The most important thing I learned from a recent graduate student misconduct training (entitled “Think About It”) is that whatever comes before the word “proof” on a bottle of booze is the given liquid’s alcohol content percentage, TWICE.

So, by that logic, New York City-via-Cleveland deep house producer Galcher Lustwerk has announced a 400-proof, 40-track album, out via his own label Lustwerk Music on June 44! He has also shared a heady, 16-minute long heady track called “Wristbands”— the LP’s first single. (Okay, okay; yes, divide all those numbers by two).

The producer, who prefers not to reveal his real name, has become known for a rather original sound that layers his anti-melodic, spoken word-raps and nonchalant singing over murky, cavernous beats. The upcoming album will follow equally-intoxicating content: 2013’s promo mix 100% GALCHER, official debut Dark Bliss, several one-off singles for Ghostly, NDATL, Tsuba, and others — as well as collaborative album with Alvin Aronson as Studio OST. Besides the extra ABV, 200% GALCHER will introduce elements of autotune and saxophone” to “his brand of funky, psychedelic house [and] signature stream-of-consciousness freestyles about club life, longing, validation and temptation.”

The 20-track album will be released digitally on June 22. Pre-order 100% of it right here and subdivide along with the eight-minute “Wristbands” below:

200% GALCHER tracklisting:

01. Wristbands
02. Life
03. See You When I See You
04. Blue Lotus
05. Template
06. Niggas
07. Idhouse
08. Rules Meant To Be Broken
09. This N’ That
10. Warm Cake
11. Wristbands (Instrumental)
12. Life (Instrumental)
13. See You When I See You (Instrumental)
14. Template (Instrumental)
15. Niggas (Instrumental)
16. Idhouse (Instrumental)
17. Rules Meant To Be Broken (Instrumental)
18. Wristbands (Edit)
19. Life (Edit)
20. See You When I See You (Edit)

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