Gatekeeper allow a couple padlocks to sub in for a few hours so they can announce new EP Young Chronos

Gatekeeper allow a couple padlocks to sub in for a few hours so they can announce new EP Young Chronos

The last time these Chicagoan inspirers of mixed reactions released an EP, the subsequently well-received Giza beckoned the hype train even more than a specially designed locomotive meant to appear at times of increased conversation. Well, to be sure, there wasn’t so much hype, but doubtless was the positive effect on their name recognition, which, two years later (a.k.a. last year) led to the release of their debut full-length Exo (TMT Review), sponsored by Hippos in Tanks. Chalk it up to human subjectivity that I haven’t heard and don’t really hear a meaningful divergence in quality between the two releases. The rumored “cheese” of Giza, which inspired my hesitancy prior to listening, limits excessiveness (in my opinion) to the chorus on “Encarta,” while Giza’s much-heralded horror-tone is too subdued to mark an out-and-out contrast. That’s just a preliminary judgment, however.

And however! Postpone the ultimate judgement, because Gatekeeper have Young Chronos, their next EP, prepped for release on November 11. The relevant press release apparently went for complete alienation through its relentless use of words(?) like “corpoferric” and “paleo-psaltery,” so the track below will be perhaps your best preparation. Yeah, still not a fan of the operatic addition (as a general rule), but the duo’s shameless embrace of it and other possibly parodying qualities may turn out to have an endearing role.

Young Chronos, by the way, will be released in the form of an official Pirate Bay torrent, and through the use of 300 USB tokens on Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!? label. Hey, don’t ask me.

01. Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven
02. Harvest
03. Flame of Displeasure
04. Imperatrix
05. The Soil has Soured
06. Hanseatic

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