Ghostface Killah to drop new album that isn’t DOOMSTARKS in November

Ghostface Killah to drop new album that isn't DOOMSTARKS in November

After what seems like an eternity since 2010’s Apollo Kids (TMT Review), Pretty Toney a.k.a. Tony Starks a.k.a. The Wally Champ a.k.a. Ghostface Killah has a new album due November 20. The record, titled Twelve Reasons to Die, will feature production from Black Dynamite composer Adrian Younge in what appears to be a heaven-sent collaboration for fans of vividly detailed crime stories, neo-blaxploitation, and heavy 70s soul. A comic book of the same name will follow in December. The RZA, who has also been keeping busy, will serve as Executive Producer and release the album on his newly minted Soul Temple Records.

In the mean time, you can check out Ghostface on "New God Flow," featured on the Kanye West-curated mixtape Cruel Summer due out September 18 on West's G.O.O.D. Music label.

In related news, hell has still not frozen over.

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