Gobby drops remix EP featuring Dean Blunt, Eric Copeland, and Earthly; premieres video

Gobby drops remix EP featuring Dean Blunt, Eric Copeland, and Earthly; premieres video

Gobby, the familiar, sensual lover of otherworldly remixes, has collected a batch of edits from another batch of otherworldlies from his DFA debut, No Mercy Bad Poet (tapes are still available). It’s titled The Remix EP, and it’s out now. Enlisting Dean Blunt (Babyfather, Hype Williams), Eric Copeland (Black Dice), and Earthly (birthed of the soil we call home), the tracks “The Dishwasher” (previously released in June), “Hometown,” and “Alcoholic,” respectively, all callback to the nutty, graveled productions of their prior souls.

Eric Copeland’s takedown of “Hometown” flips the light-spirited sense of the original into a head-spinning funk-junker minus the bubbles, double up on the eight-bar loopsanity. While Earthly veers left, stripping away the wooze and drool of “Alcoholic,” forming a cathartic actualization of the presumed disease. For Dean Blunt’s remix, we can refer back to Mr P’s June love thrust: “the foreboding original now ten times removed, all sluggish and clipped and desolate.” We can concretely state that Black Metal’s draped-up, dripped-out mentality is alive and well in the depths of Dean Blunt’s laptop.

The Remix EP is available now via Bandcamp. Stream the whole thing below and, while we have you, also watch the new video for “Alcoholic,” which we have the pleasure of premiering.

Thank you, DFA. Thank you, Gobby.

The Remix EP tracklist:

01. Hometown (Eric Copeland Remix)
02. Alcoholic (Earthly Remix)
03. The Dishwasher (Dean Blunt Remix)

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