Graham Lambkin releases No Better No Worse, a compilation of unreleased recordings

Graham Lambkin releases No Better No Worse, a compilation of unreleased recordings

Even though the shuttering of his much-loved Kye imprint was a voluntary move solidified on December 1 last year, Graham Lambkin must have a special affinity for poet Dylan Thomas, because he still appears to be rage-raging against the dying of the music distribution role that he assumed in earnest beginning in 2009 (though the label officially got its start in 2001).

Earlier this month, the currently London-based purveyor of the abstract began the process of uploading previously released music to his new Bandcamp page. Given Lambkin’s historical preference for physical releases capable of being cuddled, this is obviously a welcome move — in fact, if you head there now, you can already download (for a price, of course) his five solo releases that barely saw the light of day at the time of their initial unveilings, including Amateur Doubles (2011) and the landmark Salmon Run (2007) . Happy birthday, even if it isn’t!

But in addition to all those babies, Lambkin has also just announced No Better No Worse (Vol 1), a new release being billed as the “first of two volumes collecting unreleased recordings from 2001>2017.” It’s (duh) downloadable RIGHT NOW via Lambkin’s Bandcamp. Have a listen below:

No Better No Worse (Vol 1) tracklisting:

01. Summer Tape Work
02. Balloon Days
03. Red Egg
04. Traveling Song
05. Axion
06. Image in Oyster
07. The Pack
08. Morning Song
09. Masks
10. Concert Review

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