Grandaddy are back after 10 years on standby with two new songs

Grandaddy are back after 10 years on standby with two new songs
Photo: Dan Cronin

Play it cool. And Saran-wrap all you can.

That’s apparently what Modesto, CA’s favorite celebrity Jason Lytle and his wistful, gloomy, tin-foil robo-folk music machine Grandaddy have been doing since they quietly shrugged their shoulders and slumped off the map like a noble but terminally-ill family cat back in 2006, because Lytle and his cohorts have remained so impeccably well-reserved throughout the intervening 10 years. So much so, in fact that, after periodically reanimating for some shows and summer tours here and there over the last few years, they’ve now announced that they’re full-on BACK TO BAND MODE without a blip, baby.

Hell. Yes. Seamless metaphors!

Anyway, the “30 Century Man” thing I started with was because they’ve also announced that they’re teaming up with legendary bleep-bloop-bleep-corralling producer Danger Mouse (the dude, not the cartoon, I hope) and joining his stable at 30th Century Records for the triumphant (well, as “triumphant” as is possible for Lytle and co.) release of an as-yet untitled new album in the as-yet-unspecified near future. “Grandaddy have always been one of my favorite bands,” D-Mouse said in a recent press release. “I think their new single is up there with their best work and I’m proud to have them become part of 30th Century.”


Jesus, just calm down. First of all: there’s actually two of them. The first one is a meaty, mid-tempo, classic Grandaddy-type jam called “Way We Won’t” and is probably the one he was talking about since it’s playin’ over at the 30th Century site. The second taste is one of those desert-y ballad ones titled “Clear Your History.” Secondly: since it’s now 2016, you can just listen to both of them down below and nab them on iTunes and Spotify and wherever else at your convenience while we wait for the whole album to materialize. What a time to be alive… or, in the case of Grandaddy, what a time to be functioning on a fairly smooth-running operating system.

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