Guerilla Toss to release remix EP by Giant Claw, whip-out new video, pitch a few tour dates, have great deltoids

Guerilla Toss to release remix EP by Giant Claw, whip-out new video, pitch a few tour dates, have great deltoids

Uuuhh. Yeaaaah. Mmmm, boy. Can you FEEL this shit? It’s the sound of electro-funk-punx Guerilla Toss, who just dropped a syrup-y, swirly, sticky-sweet, brand-spanking-new video for the song “Color Picture.” The track is taken from their recent album Eraser Stargazer, which came out back in March on DFA.

In keeping with the squelchy style of their neon-bubblegum aesthetic, the Casino Zone-style clip was co-created by visual arts heavy-hitters Hisham Bharoocha and Greg Gangemi. “Hisham and I combined our skills to create a a stylized, otherworldly video that would complement the dancey up-beat style of the song,” Gangemi says. “Using Hishams illustrations was a great opportunity to create a day-glo world as though seen under a black light. We wanted to create a world that was animated by pulsing lights, where the layers of rhythm in the song would give life to the alien landscape.” Check out the results down-below, and get ready to feel ROBO-SEXY (whatever THAT feels like?)!

Oh, but wait! Before you do that, there are actually still a couple more Guerillas that need tossing: first, the band is gearing up to release some unique remixes later this month in the form of a new EP entitled Giant Claw VS Guerilla Toss. The five-song offering will feature, as you may have guessed from the fairly self-explanatory title, a “musical creation mixed, manipulated and imagined through the prism of ideas that is Giant Claw” — a.k.a musician, artist, label co-owner, and writer Keith Rankin, who also did the artwork for both this new EP and for Eraser Stargazer. Yahoo!

And second, there’s also some tour dates in the works, so be sure to check those out down below too.

Okay, okay; that’s it. You can resume getting robo-sexy in 3, 2, 1…

Giant Claw VS Guerilla Toss tracklisting:

01. Grass Shack
02. Doll Face on the Calico Highway
03. Diamond Girls
04. Color Picture
05. Ritual In Light

Guerilla Toss on tour:

05.20.16 - New York, NY - Clocktower
06.04.16 - Brooklyn, NY - Palisades
06.17.16 - Washington, DC - Comet Ping Pong
06.18.16 - Virginia Beach, VA - Logstadamus Surf Festival
06.23.16 - Cambridge, MA - Middle East
06.24.16 - Cambridge, MA - Middle East
06.25.16 - Stony Brook, NY - Stony Brook University
07.16.16 - Queens, NY - Out In The Streets Festival
08.12.16 - Athens, GA - Georgia Theater (Athens Pop Fest)

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