Hanz returns to capitalize on sequel culture with Plasty II EP on Tri Angle

Hanz returns to capitalize on sequel culture with Plasty II EP on Tri Angle
Photo: Timothy Saccenti

Good news from Nakatomi Plaza: North Carolina-based beatmaker-of-note Hanz is back with the details on his upcoming Plasty II EP for Tri Angle. The short-awaited follow-up to January’s Plasty I EP is out March 23. That’s some nice EP-on-EP action! (Aaaaaand I’ve just hit my hyphen quota for the month.)

“But I already have one Plasty,” I can hear you wining at me morosely and sapped of all confidence. “Why do I need another?” Well, because it’s got a bunch of new music, you utter imbecile (I’m sorry…but it’s tough love). In fact, you can hear one of those new musics now, just by scrolling down to the embed of “Clutched” and hitting that special little play button! This track’s got all your favorites: chopped vocal samples, aired out pads, deteriorating hip-hop grooves. Classic Hanz!

I know you’re dying to pre-order Plasty II, so here’s what I’m gonna do…I’m gonna give you the link, silly! Here it is now! And make sure to read the tracklist below. With that, always remember: Life is Plasty; It’s Fantasty.

Plasty II tracklisting:

01. Number One Stain
02. The Approach
03. Psychic Dog
04. Fifty Yard Stare
05. Three Min Surgery
06. Clutched

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