Hartley C. White, practitioner of Bruce Lee-inspired “Who-pa-zoo-tic” music, to go on rare tour

Hartley C. White, practitioner of Bruce Lee-inspired "Who-pa-zoo-tic" music, to go on rare tour

Who’s your favorite practitioner of Who-pa-zoo-tic Music, a genre based on the broken rhythm of jeet kune do? Mine’s Hartley C. White, who recently self-released his new album I Sing De Music Whopazootic (don’t forget This Is Not What You Expect either; it came out on OSR Tapes last year). I don’t know how you answered, but I’m guessing you went with either “Hartley C. White” or “Huh?” Doesn’t matter, because even if he’s not your favorite musical student of Bruce Lee’s signature martial arts style, Hartley C. White — who has been releasing music for over 30 years now — is going on a rare tour of North America beginning September 15.

Not even a master like Bruce Lee himself lived in solitude, so White will be joined on tour by singer Angie Rodriguez-Finn and Jamaican percussionist Larry McDonald. Accompanying the group will be Christina Schneider and OSR Tapes founder Zach Phillips as CE Schneider Topical. Word has it that CE Schneider Topical are no more than mere amateurs in the art of jeet kune do, but they’re good people nonetheless. This short, six-date jaunt they’re embarking on is set to hit a crescendo with an appearance at the OSR Tapes showcase at POP Montréal.

RIP Bruce Lee.

Hartley C. White dates (all w/ CE Schneider Topical)

09.15.15 - Providence, RI - Psychic Readings (w/ Christopher Forgues)
09.16.15 - Poughkeepsie, NY - Vassar College
09.17.15 - Boston, MA - Deep Thoughts Jamaica Plain (w/ BJ Snowden)
09.18.15 - Montreal, QC - POP Montreal (w/ Jib Kidder, Ruth Garbus)
09.20.15 - Burlington, VT - Burlington City Arts
09.21.15 - Turner Falls, MA - Brick House Community Center

• Hartley C. White: http://osr-tapes.com/hartleycwhite.html
• CE Schneider Topical: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CE-Schneider-Topical/282313808604046

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