Hausu Mountain preps new release from Brooklyn drone-duo Long Distance Poison and first label compilation HausMo Mixtape I

Hausu Mountain preps new release from Brooklyn drone-duo Long Distance Poison and first label compilation HausMo Mixtape I
HausMo Mixtape I cassette cover

Collecting a nebulous mass of like-minded music-makers, Hausu Mountain is simply one of the underground labels you should be making a fuss about. From nocturnal drones to ebullient weird-pop, vulgar free-jazz experiments to tightly wound electronic sounds, broken pulse stories to soupçons of psych soup; the range on the label is staggering but the feel of every release is consistently and unmistakably “HausMo.” Hausu Mountain’s forthcoming cassette releases showcase everything listed above plus much more. The label’s first compilation HausMo Mixtape I is out this Friday, April 20, followed by a new album by Long Distance Poison on May 25.

Yes, the 25th of May is the day when the latest drone throwdown from Brooklyn’s Long Distance Poison comes out to play. The duo of Erica Bradbury and Nathan Cearley have been releasing modular masterpieces on a slew of great labels for years now, so it is only appropriate that they will be putting their best-yet sound-drift Knock Magh out on Hausu. Pellucid analog keyboards and shadowy drones are LDP’s specialty, as evidenced on the intoxicating eight-and-a-half-minutes of “Crop Circle K” below.

For HausMo Mixtape I, 22 tracks of flab-free highlights from Hausu Mountain’s first five years (2012-2017) have been compiled for your listening enjoyment. This is the label’s first compilation and includes all the usual HausMo suspects like Fire-Toolz, TALsounds, Tiger Village, Brett Naucke, label bosses Doug (MrDougDoug) and Max (Mukqs), plus 16 more idiosyncratic acts. Covering then to now, HausMo Mixtape I is not only a handy introduction but a well-rounded gathering of harmonious sounds.

Pre-order and check out a few songs from Mixtape I here, including the incredibly catchy 80’s soccer ‘n’ steroids movie score vibe of “Orion Beach” by D/A/D, extracted below. HausMo Mixtape I is available on cassette, CD, and digitally THIS FRIDAY.

As a wise man might once have said, “If the Hausu Mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the Hausu Mountain” (btw, you, dear readers, are Muhammed here; I am NOT the wise man!).

Knock Magh tracklisting:

Side A:
01. Crop Circle K
02. Qllow

Side B:
01. Ooch Nuch

HausMo Mixtape I tracklisting:

01. D/A/D - Orion Beach
02. FIN - Pike
03. Quicksails - The Compound Blues
04. World War - Dingo
05. TALsounds - I Am Why
06. Lockbox - Pridenjoy
07. Rick Weaver - Far East
08. Black Hat - Digital Playpen
09. BANG! BROS. - Smoked Artemis
10. Do Pas O - Six in the Dark
12. Khaki Blazer - Vibrato Rap
13. Potions - Herb Break
14. Kill Alters - Ego Swim
15. Form A Log - Riff Country
16. Eartheater - Mask Therapy
17. MrDougDoug - Arena Snake Ref 196
18. Moth Cock - The Flesh Shall Never Enter
19. Brett Naucke - Hallucinations I-V
20. Tiger Village - Tarantism
21. Andrew Bernstein - Thought Forms III
22. Mukqs - Fisherman’s Edit

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