Heatsick preparing new album Re-Engineering for PAN, slowly saving up for a better keyboard

Heatsick preparing new album Re-Engineering for PAN, slowly saving up for a better keyboard

Heatsick a.k.a. Steven Warwick has a brand-spanking-new full-length coming soon (November 29) on PAN. It’s called Re-Engineering because it plans to “re-engineer” your concept of what a record album can be by being both familiar (it has songs on it like all the others!) and unfamiliar (I’ll bet you bitcoins to buttercream frosting you haven’t heard any of these songs unless you’re Rashad Becker, or Bill Kouligas, or Warwick, or maybe Warwick’s mom). You might remember Warwick as the fellah who made some major waves in the electronic music community because instead of using super fancy electronic machines to make his music, he used slightly less fancy electronic machines to make his music. If you’ve hit your head or slept since then, I’ll remind you that at first folks were kinda skeptical about that, but then eventually they were less skeptical, which is a pretty cool demonstration about how things change over time.

Warwick describes the record as a “cybernetic poem” about “hypermodernity in crisis,” which are some real cool sounding words that make me think about robots, which is something I really like to do. Also, to be totally candid, I’m pretty stoked about the whole robot angle here because if poetry really is dead, I imagine robot stuff is just the ticket to get it breathing again. If you’re in the mood to get hyped and also think about robots, you can check out a recording of Warwick’s set at this year’s PAN_ACT festival below, or maybe catch him on one of his several international tour dates which are also below.

Re-Engineering tracklisting:

01. Re-Engineering
02. E-Scape
03. Mimosa
04. Watermark
05. Clear Chanel
06. U1
07. Speculative
08. Après Moi, Le Déluge!
09. Dial Again
10. Emerge
11. Accelerationista


10.17.13 - Nantes, France - Pôle Etudiant*
10.23.13 - Bristol, UK - The Exchange#
11.09.13 - Sydney, Australia - Sound Summit Festival
11.14.13 - Brisbane, Australia - TBA
11.15.13 - Perth, Australia - Connections Nightclub$
11.16.13 - Melbourne, Australia - Boney
11.20.13 - Dunedin, New Zealand - Chicks Hotel
11.21.13 - Auckland, New Zealand - Whammy
11.22.13 - Wellington, New Zealand - Puppies
11.23.13 - Christchurch, New Zealand - Third Door Down
11.24.13 - Palmerston North, New Zealand - The Fish
11.30.13 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Novas Frequencias Festival%
12.01.13 - Rio De Janiero, Brazil - Panel Discussion

* Sculpture
# Shangaan Electro
$ Tama Sumo
% Lee Gamble, Miles

• Heatsick: http://perpendicularrain.blogspot.com
• PAN: http://www.pan-act.com

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