♫♪  HSBC - “Blaue Stunde”

HSBC unites Heatsick and Bass Clef for a release on Angela Bulloch’s ABCDLP. Low key impressionistic highlight “Blaue Stunde” is built on relatively simple stuff: tranquil, if solemn keys; tranquil, if solemn trombone; tranquil, if solemn vocal deadpan. But all these tranquil, solemn features combine in stirring gestalt. Steven Warwick intones the blue hour, time between night and day, when a barely-lit sky can pack a wallop. “I’m tired and it’s late. Or early. But I can’t fall asleep. The sky’s blue. Not light yet. No, still dark.” HSBC express the feel of faraway light and silent air. You’re the only one around.

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