Holodeck to release Flatliner’s debut EP Black Medicine on unsuspecting populace

Holodeck to release Flatliner's debut EP Black Medicine on unsuspecting populace

Crawling up outta Austin’s electro underground like a bloody monster comin’ up outta the bathtub drain in a low-budget cult horror film when you least expect it (but with, like, classy Argento stylings) comes the debut EP from Flatliner. The duo of Jesse Strait and Adam Fangsrud write music with only the fiiiiinest Monopoly Man-level high-end recording gear, but also with what can only be described as a sickening amount of vintage synths.

The pair met in 2010 when they became part of a group of local Texas gear fiends, attending a gathering to build, trade, and drool over new custom synth modules. They struck up a delightful musical partnership, and as my mom would say, the rest is history! Come July 28, Holodeck Records will release their Black Medicine EP, a disarming marriage of old-school horror movie soundtracks, pulsating atmosphere, and dancefloor-thumping beats.

Black Medicine EP tracklist:

01. Blasted Highway
02. PC Corporation
03. City Lights Receding
04. Scrap Heap

• Holodeck: http://holodeckrecords.com
• Flatliner: http://soundcloud.com/flatlineratx

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