How to Dress Well wants to hold you and feed you vodka as you wistfully yearn to the soft strains of his new album

How to Dress Well wants to hold you and feed you vodka as you wistfully yearn to the soft strains of his new album

Sad indie R&B guy Tom Krell’s project How to Dress Well is back with a third album! It’s sadder, indie-er, and R&Bier than ever before, as evidenced on lead track “Repeat Pleasure.” Okay, maybe it’s not that sad, but perhaps it will lead you to wistfully stare out your window onto the late-night city streets below and yearn for what could have been. I mean, not that I’m doing that or anything. Ha ha no. I’m listening to Andrew W.K. and smashing old PBR cans against my forehead.

But for those of us in touch with both our feelings and our dancing shoes, the June 24 release of What Is This Heart? is like a hug from a friend who just, like, you know… gets it. And has a bottle of vodka. Good vodka. Not the shitty dorm room kind. Because much like $30 vodka, Krell’s new album is a labor of love, and it doesn’t come easy. The 12 songs on the new album were written during months of seriously exhausting touring and then recorded with Rodaidh McDonald (Vampire Weekend, Savages, The xx, Adele) in Berlin. Weird World will release the album on CD, double LP, and DELUXE LIMITED EDITION DOUBLE LP, which comes “enclosed in a PVC wallet,” according to the press release. (No word yet on a DELUXE deluxe limited edition that also includes a giant nu metal wallet chain to keep your giant PVC wallet safe from ever slipping out of your JNCO jeans.) A fancy 28-page booklet and a bonus 10-inch with two exclusive songs, “Let U Know” and “So Easy for Pleasure,” are also part of that special deal. Listen to “Repeat Pleasure” and check the tracklist below.

What Is This Heart? tracklisting:

01. 2 Years On (Shame Dream)
02. What You Wanted
03. Face Again
04. See You Fall
05. Repeat Pleasure
06. Words I Don’t Remember
07. Pour Cyril
08. Precious Love
09. Childhood Faith In Love (Everything Must Change, Everything Must Stay The Same)
10. A Power
11. Very Best Friend
12. House Inside (Future Is Older Than The Past)

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