Hype Williams returns with new album Rainbow Edition on Big Dada, hypes it up REAL GOOD by sharing non-album bonus track

Hype Williams returns with new album Rainbow Edition on Big Dada, hypes it up REAL GOOD by sharing non-album bonus track
Slaughter & Silvermane...the new Hype Williamses?

Good thing it’s Tuesday and not MONDAY, cuz you’re gonna need all your wits about you in order to parse what I’m about to tell you, dear readers:

Yep, the long, twisty, sexy, intriguing, suspenseful, heartwarming, feel-good, thrilling, confusing Hype Williams plot thickens! Not only has the elusive experimental project once affiliated with those LOUSY BUMS Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland been cryptically dropping various releases here and there throughout the last year or so, but WHOEVER HYPE WILLIAMS IS NOW has just announced that their newest album as Hype Williams, Rainbow Edition, will be out next month on the Big Dada label!

To keep things nice and confounding, the press photo (above) features only new members Slaughter and Silvermane, and an accompanying press release for the album announcement assures us that, following 2011’s One Nation album (the last to feature Blunt and Copeland), “any Hype Williams releases you’ve since heard are FAKE.” (Ouch, Sorry, Mr. P!) But don’t worry; then it continues a tad more optimistically:

We been gone for a minute, but now we’re back with the jump off. We can’t get jiggy with no hundreds and thousands or nuthin like that, we gotta get back in that M game. Wanna own the block b4 the ball drops.

20 Joints

STRICTLY for the whip

…& ppl 2 fat for fedoras

Those 20 joints will be available August 25, but you can pre-order them now. And if you don’t own a cool car, don’t worry; the new Hype Williams has still got your lame ass covered. You can listen to the new single (which, naturally, isn’t on the record) “Kathy Goes 2 Haiti” down below.

I assume this track is about Kathy Giffin? I mean, she’s probably in Hype Williams now too, for all I know.

Rainbow Edition tracklisting (black-and-white edition):

01. Madting
02. Loud Challenge
03. The Whole Lay
04. Baby Blu
05. Smokebox
06. Rumor Report
07. Puredamage
08. Leimert
09. #Blackcardsmatter
10. Sadting
11. Ask Yee
12. This Is Mister Bigg. How You Doing Mister Bigg
13. The Den
14. Cockblocker Blues
15. Sweet Chin Musik
16. Pretty Young Ting
17. Percy
18. Spinderella’s Dream
19. Situations
20. Kandy

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