Important Records announces upcoming LPs by Ashley Paul, Zurich, Aidan Baker, and Mugstar + Damo Suzuki

Important Records announces upcoming LPs by Ashley Paul, Zurich, Aidan Baker, and Mugstar + Damo Suzuki

Important Records just won’t quit, just can’t quit, just don’t wanna. Who else would deal with all these fringe musicians on such an astonishingly prolific basis? Probably plenty of people, but the Massachusetts-based Important army get the job done. Thanks! Let’s see what they’re doing this month!

First up (and already available) is an album of Satie-influenced compositions from Nadja mastermind Aidan Baker. Triptychs: Variations on a Melody contains five main pieces, each given a variety of interpretations by Baker and a host of homies, including Peter Broderick and Felicia Atkinson (Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier).

On October 14, audiences will get the chance to hear a long-lost collaboration between Tony Wilson (Knives ov Resistance), Neil Halstead (Slowdive/Mojave 3), and Sarah Peacock (Seafeel). The minimal ambient-dub-techno tracks on Zurich’s self-titled album were recorded as long as two decades ago. They surfaced recently when Touch artist Mark Van Hoen found the tracks on a CD-R he was handing off to Wilson. LUCKY.

Two more releases are slanted for exposure on October 27. Ashley Paul’s Heat Source, which follows up her recent cassette on Important-imprint Cassauna, is a document of locationally turbulent time, recorded while Paul was moving between New York and London; hear a track from that below. Released simultaneously will be a collaboration between Can singer and all-around superstar shaman Damo Suzuki and British krautrock-enthusiasts Mugstar. Their LP, Start From Zero, will probably seriously go deep into the zone, so bring a headlamp.

Aidan Baker - Triptychs: Variations on a Melody tracklisting:

01. Triptych One (Version 1) // Aidan Baker - Electric Guitar
02. Triptych One (Version 2) // Aidan Baker - Acoustic 12-String Guitar
03. Triptych Two (Version 1) // Leah Buckareff - Electric Bass Guitar
04. Triptych Two (Version 2) // David Nesselhauf - Double Bass
05. Triptych Three (Version 1) // Aidan Baker - Melodica
06. Triptych Three (Version 2) // Katie English - Flute
07. Triptych Four (Version 1) // Rose Bolton - Violin
08. Triptych Four (Version 2) // Peter Broderick - Violin
09. Triptych Four (Version 3) // Angela Chan - Viola
10. Triptych Four (Version 4) // Julia Kent - Cello
11. Triptych Five (Version 1) // Felicia Atkinson - Organ
12. Triptych Five (Version 2) // Peter Broderick - Piano
13. Triptych Five (Version 3) // Aki Yakamoto - Piano

Zurich - Zurich tracklisting:

01. Mastmaker
02. Tzarist
03. A Harsh Truth Pt. I + II
04. Too Scared to Breathe
05. Militia Dynamic Warfare
06. Balem Daz
07. Odessa

Ashley Paul - Heat Source tracklisting:

01. sound and soft
02. rain, away
03. i’m in you
04. heat source
05. embers
06. feet on legs
07. london february 16
08. drop me
09. clarineterlude
10. lie awake

Damo Suzuki + Mugstar - Start From Zero tracklisting:

01. Waken to the Night
02. Subway Sound
03. Innanewah
04. Zero Coda

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