New feature-length documentary on CAN’s Damo Suzuki crowd-funding now; never-ending tour continues

New feature-length documentary on CAN's Damo Suzuki crowd-funding now; never-ending tour continues

Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean you’re not being followed. If you ARE being followed, it is probably by ex-Can singer and sonic swashbuckler Damo Suzuki, who has been almost EVERYWHERE over the past couple of decades. Now, Suzuki’s musical life, his near-obsession with living life through touring, and his life-threatening colon cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2014 are being brought to light in a forthcoming feature-length docu-film on the one and only singer entitled, appropriately, Energy.

It goes without saying that Damo Suzuki’s influence on post-punk and beyond is immeasurable. Even if he was just “the singer from Can,” he would be a ridiculously important music figure. But it’s his singing style — combining stream-of-consciousness wisdom and nonsense, stoned stringing together of “Japenglish,” and bone-shaking shrieking — that is singular and unrivaled. He’s also an improviser in the truest sense of the word, playing most of his shows with cobbled-together local bands of “sound carriers” without rehearsals or set-lists.

Director Michelle Heighway (Mr. Somebody?) has been working on Energy since 2014 and is currently crowd-funding the project, which is due for official release in 2019.

Using archival footage, animation and interviews, Energy tells the story of Suzuki’s career with and post-Can, his battle with colon cancer, and his emotional inner drive to do what he loves the most, playing music live. There is a heartfelt focus on spiritual healing and support and an intimate look at the beautiful relationship Suzuki has with his wife Elke Morsbach, who features prominently. As Heighway states, “This documentary is a wonderful story of hope and survival. It’s a personal portrait of the life and times of a nomad, poet and enigmatic singer on his very inspiring journey.”

The Indiegogo crowd-funding for Energy runs from now until June 20 here. Watch the trailer for Energy and check out the latest dates on Suzuki’s never-ending tour listed below. If he isn’t playing your hometown, keep looking behind you. You’re not paranoid; he will be there soon enough.

Damo Suzuki live:

05.15.18 - Leicester, England - The Sound House
05.18.18 - London, England - Total Refreshment Centre
05.23.18 - Belfast, Northern Ireland - Menagerie
05.25.18 - Cork, Ireland - Triskel Art Centre
05.26.18 - Dublin, Ireland - The Grand Social
05.27.18 - Kilkenny, Ireland - Cleere’s
06.08.18 - Malmö, Sweden - Plan B
06.09.18 - Berlin, Germany - Urban Spree
06.12.18 - Paris, France - Espace B
07.29.18 - Tanworth-in-Arden, England - Lunar Festival
08.24.18 - Totnes, England - Sea Change Festival
11.02.18 - Bristol, England - The Exchange
11.03.18 - Lewes, England - The Con Club
11.04.18 - London, England - The Lexington
11.17.18 - Cologne, Germany - MTC
11.30.18 - Odense, Denmark - Teater Momentum

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